Referral Contest: Sponsored By Work At Home Divas

Contest! Sponsored by Work At Home Divas
Work at Home Divas Referral Contest
Deadline: June 30, 2009 11:59 pm EST
Number of Winners: 5

Hi All, I am continuously networking and meeting people online who are struggling with their work at home business and desperately seeking guidance and support. While I know we can’t help everyone. I would definitely like to make a difference.

The membership for the site is free and my vision for the site is that we will be a community that provides resources we can really use to grow our business and help others find a legitimate work at home opportunity. I know there are hundreds of social nings out there so I thank you for joining us here. I would love your help and support in spreading the word.

How you can help:

If you are not a member join us at Work At Home Divas

Refer your friends, colleagues and any woman you know that could benefit from the mission of offering personal and professional support. Publish a post on your bog, spread the word via all your social networking sites (twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.), grab the Work At Home Diva button located on the right side of the page add it to you’re your site etc.

Upon signing up, new members inform us of who referred them, giving you credit for the referral.

The top 5 referrers will be given two awesome prizes.

1. A Diva Spot on the main page for one week.
2. A Banner Advertisement on the front page for one month.

To Our Success

LaKeisha Hankins
Work At Home Divas