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I created this Weekly FREE Coaching Club, The Ladies Room because I wanted to see women live their best life. I wanted to see women go after their dreams and overcome obstacles that may get in the way.

It's time to stop playing it small and take your life to the next level!!!!

This is your opportunity to Experience the Power of Coaching and work with Life Reposition Coach, LaKeisha Hankins. Each week I will deliver a high content value call that will spur you into action and help 
you rise up and walk in your power.

Note from LaKeisha Hankins
"I am tired of seeing so many women settle for less in their, tired of seeing many women not realize their full potential. I am on a mission to empower women to step into their Power & Purpose and empower them to Exude Their Radiance in every aspect of their life. My goal is to help you go from where you to where you desire to be in life.

This weekly coaching club was created, because I have met so many women who are stuck and really not sure if Coaching is right for them. This is your No Risk chance to experience coaching.

As a member of the Ladies Room( FREE Coaching Club) you will receive:
  • One Weekly Empowerment Call. Calls are held every Tuesday night at 7pm EST.
  • Clear & Powerful Action Steps that you can implement right away and begin to change your life.
  • Live Question & Answer Session with LaKeisha Hankins, get your pressing questions answered in regards to the monthly topic.
  • Worksheets, Check List, and Strategy Templates for self reflection and to spur you into action.
  • MP3 Recording of all calls, if you miss a live call you are able to listen to the replay, will be available for 72 hours for FREE members.
Bonus: Get your copy of LaKeisha's Create The Life You Want Women's Success Guide. This is an Empowerment e-Course with Powerful Mindset Tips that you can apply to any goal in your life. This course will be delivered directly to your inbox for 7 days.
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FREE Coaching Club
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Upgrade to the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle was created for those who would like a more one-on- coaching and to work individually with Coach LaKeisha Hankins to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.
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  See what other are saying......................... LaKeisha, thanx for a great call tonight. I was excited to be on the call to receive so much valuable information. You passed along some key points because fear has held me back from many accomplishments. I will be listening to the call again to make sure I picked up everything. Looking forward to the next call. Cherita   " You were AWESOME; man was that a lot of (free) information :)   I hope everyone realizes the gifts you shared tonight. Ladies I seized the opportunity to work with LaKeisha sometime in July and cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for her guidance through the pitfalls of fear. To those still on the fence I urge you to seize the moment; believe this is YOUR time!! ~ V. Baxter