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The average person uses about ten personal care products a day, an average of 126 unique ingredients. Our products are filled with so many harsh chemicals, and the sad thing is that the government is not monitoring our products. Who is to say these harmful chemicals are not seeping into our skin or if they are being washed down the drain. We need to be more conscious of not only what we put in our body but also what we put on our body.

I have asked people do they drink tap/ faucet water and they look at me crazy and reply No!! There water is either filtered or they purchase bottled water. We think tap water is not good for us and we deserve better than that. Yes It Is True, So then I ask if you care so much about the toxins that are in our water, why don’t they have the same passion for their personal care products?

People are living longer and are finally realizing they need to take better care of themselves. They are turning to gentle or natural products. Which I don’t blame them, I encourage them to take care better care of themselves without using products that can possibly be linked to cancer, sterilization, and other deadly diseases.

What makes a body care product "better"?

Better products are those who stand up to their labels. Products that are free of parabens, sulfate and other toxins. There are products that claim to be “natural” however keep in mind they are not required to safety testing. You need to read your labels; companies are allowed to put whatever chemicals they choose to in their products, regardless of health risks. So before you purchase your next bottle of lotion, shower gel, make up, please read the label and check the ingredients before you buy.

Start Today Shopping for products that are paraben and sulfate free, start living a healthier life.

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company offers natural personal care products and we have partnered with Youngevity International to bring you natural wellness products. Our products are good for you and smell good; they were made with mind, body, style, and spirit in mind.

Some of our Beneficial Ingredients include: Vitamin D, Acai Berry, Jojoba Oils, Shea Butter, Red Wine, Oregon Grape, Green Tea Extract, Natural Brown Sugar are just to name a few.

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