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Welcome to my part of the world. I’m LaKeisha Hankins, devoted wife, mom of 4 beautiful girls, friend, and home based business owner, Network Marketing Professional and Certified Life Reposition Coach.

I was born and raised in Sin City~ Las Vegas, but recently relocated to Georgia to offer my children a better quality of life. I was raised like many with the idea to go to college, get a degree, and get a good job and I did just that. As we added to our family, my responsibilities changed. My roles as a wife, mother, friend, and sister had completely taken over my life, I was more consumed with trying to satisfy everyone else and there was no time for “me” and I started feeling like I was working just to pay the bills and not enjoying life and time with my family.

I deeply desired to be home raising my children and earning a full time income and enjoy the life I had once imagined for us. I realized it was time to follow my inner knowing and make my dreams a reality.

In 2005, I got my first taste of direct sales, I had partnered with an awesome direct sales company and was on the path of changing my lifestyle, the checks and monthly commission were great but I found it hard to keep my down line motivated and they were soon trickling off, faster than I could find others with the same vision as me. The checks were getting smaller. So then again I was looking for another stream of income and I started on a journey of empowerment and self care and things were looking up. In November 2008 I opted to make a career out Network Marketing after a lot of research and self education.

But I was still feeling as if there was still more that God had in store for me.

But I refused to give up on my dreams. I continued at it, and in my networking I met some great leaders who are successful and knew how to build a network marketing business. I started learning what really works and why people fail in the business or never make a profit, better yet break even. I became more interested in created multiple streams of income.

My Two Youngest (Adeja & Jadyn)
On my journey to discovering my Soul Purpose and building a stronger relationship with God and trusting him to order my steps, I soon realized my true passion was Life Coaching which I had been running from for over two years. After discovering my purpose and passion to help others discover their purpose, set goals and become whole; I began to seek God on direction.

I created an online networking community for Women Entrepreneurs to network and gain ideas and coaching on how to start a business and maintain financial stability, I used the online network as a platform to empower women to become Self -Sufficient. I have written many blogs on Marketing, Small Business, Home Based Business and Financial Empowerment.

Today, I am a network marketing professional and certified life reposition coach building my business from home offline and online with the Internet.

I decided to join the ranks of those who were successful. I made a commitment to educate myself on what was out there, select something that worked for me and my family and stay focused and committed. I wanted something in an industry that is fast-growing, recession proof, and that people use and want. I also wanted something that would provide an on-going residual income. You know, something that would pay me over and over for the work that I do one time!

I love online networking, I get to connect with other like minded individuals and develop more relationships. I also learned the importance of branding myself and not my business, which is completely contrary to what we are taught in direct sales. I’m thankful that I was able to be mentored by a great leader.

Today I work with people like you with the same dreams, hope, and passion.

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LaKeisha Hankins
Certified Life Reposition Coach

More Of Me!

My Oldest Daughter (Deyera & I)

My Husband "Lucky Man" & I