Rebound your energy - Put the bounce back in your step

Rebound is one of many nutritional products offered by Youngevity. Rebound is an awesome energy and endurance drink for exercise, workouts, athletics, jogging and more. You will find that most energy drinks on the market only replace sugar and salt. Rebound not only replaces the sugar and salt in your system it replaces all the minerals you sweat out during your workout and you get more energy and endurance to boost.

Rebound is available in the following flavors: refreshing Berri Boost, Tropical Tirade, and Melon Madness.

Unlike other sports drinks, Rebound fx(tm) is a high energy drink that offers a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs and important minerals. Mix 1 ounce per 10 ounces of water, take before - during - after a workout.

* Highly Absorbable Liquid Supplement
* Supports Healthy Exercise
* Promotes Optimal Well-Being
* Proprietary Formulation
* Supports Healthy Heart Function
* Supports Cardiovascular Health
* Supports Immune System Health
* Boosts Stamina and Energy
* Promotes Healthy Bones
* Great Taste

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