Whose Life Is Better Because You Woke Up?

I have been so inspired by Will Smith words from his recent interview from the movie Seven Pounds, in his interview he talks about living life with a purpose, and his words touched home, as I am committed to living my Soul Purpose. This year I am focusing on my life’s purpose. I started my new business with Soul Purpose, I love the vision and the purpose of the company. I love the idea of empowering people to find their purpose in life.

In Will Smith’s interview he says“ The thing that I connected to for this character in Seven Pounds is purpose. When you can connect your life to a purpose, to an idea beyond yourself, it becomes bigger than your loss, bigger than your pain. It almost becomes this fantastic spiritual ladder,” he says, grabbing at ever-higher invisible rungs in front of him, “that you climb out of your emotional hole.” He goes on to say that he is at a point in his life where he has made a decision that nothing he does in his life is going to be without a purpose, and the only true happiness is the service to help humanity.

Will Smith says his new mantra is: Whose life is better because you woke up today?

The words I believe are so true I do belive that if you are not making someone else’s life better than you are wasting you time. I am at a point in my life where I have found my life’s purpose and I am inspired to help others achieve success or find their purpose in life whatever that might be. With God’s will in my life I am know it is possible.

I pray that you find your life’s purpose and that you continue to grow and that I have inspired you to make someone else’s life better.

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God Bless

LaKeisha Baker