Is Network Marketing the Career Choice For You?

Hi, My name is LaKeisha Baker, I am network coach and MLM business owner. My story is similar to many in the industry. I was just an average person looking to get into the industry to replace my income so that I could be a stay at home mother. So why do people join this industry? Some people join just to earn extra income, to save for their children’s tuition, and/or the freedom to be their own boss.
In the beginning I didn’t have as much success with my business and there were many different factors that made it almost impossible for me to achieve the results I so desperately seeked. First of all I didn’t treat it like a business and give it the nurture and care it needed in order to grow. I had the basic training from my upline; you know call your 100 people, prospect to at least 10 people a day, hand out business cards and flyers, book home parties, buy leads, and participate in those expensive vendor shows. Etc.. All sound familiar? I started doubting that this was the right career path for me, it seemed like I was spending
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Have you ever dreamed about a career where you are you own boss and you can work from home, calling your own shots and earning a CEO level of income and have the flexibility to set your own hours and go on vacation when you want?
Have you ever dreamed about a career where you earn residual income month after month? A career where your work today will pay you for tomorrow and the following years to come?
Have you ever dreamed about surrounding yourself with other like-minded purpose driven individuals who also have common goals in mind like building wealth and working as a team?
Well, if this all sounds like you then Network Marketing might be a perfect career fit for you!
Today the industry has changed and technology has changed dramatically and you no longer have to use the traditional 90’s marketing techniques to succeed in this industry. The Networking Industry has revolutionized and the industry is exploding with successful network marketers.
If you don’t believe me and you are still skeptical, that is okay. I was once in your shoes and did not believe the hype until I started generating over 200 leads a week in my business. I would love to share with you the secrets the top network marketers are using to explode their MLM business.
See What Other’s Are Saying -
"Direct Selling gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth."
-- Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times Bestselling Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
"In the 2006-2016 decade, there will be 10 million new millionaires in the U.S. alone...many of those new millionaires will be from the emerging powerhouse industry of Direct Selling."
--Paul Zane Pilzer, Economic Advisor to 3 Presidents and Bestselling Author of The Next You are here for a reason and as a fellow network marketer, I know what it takes to be successful in this business, I am not here for you to join my business opportunity. My goal is help you build your MLM business with tools and systems that are proven to generate you the results you are seeking regardless if anyone joins your business or not. I know you need more leads and more money and I am here to provide you not just a solution but results.
If you are committed to working from home and changing your life. I invite you to explore your options with this system and give yourself the lifestyle you deserve.
Your next step is to find out more about how I am doing this and how you can too, and duplicate the same exact results!!
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