Remember Who You Are

Many of us have lost touch with who we are, we lose ourselves in our jobs, family and church only to wake up one day realizing that we are unhappy with the path we are travelling.

Then next we want to play the blame game blaming our parents, jobs and current circumstances for where we are . Blaming others for your life choices is very unhealthy and does more harm than good. It is time to heal your core beliefs. False beliefs can often diminish success with relationships, career, parenting, finances, studies, weight loss, Christian growth and more. There are great tool and techniques that life coaches can use to help you move forward.

Once you overcome the false beliefs you can learn to embrace yourself and work on becoming whole. In order to be completely whole you have to be one with God.

It is time to get connected or reconnect with God our creator. We have to recognize and acknowledge our divine source he is everything love, patience, kind, merciful and he has placed all that in us but often when people depend on man and the world we are left not knowing how to love ourselves or they neighbor. Remember we are not children of the world we are children of God. When you know who you are you stand firm in who you are and you embrace yourself and learn more about who you are.

I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes by George Elliot "It is never too late to be who you might have been."--George Eliot

Today’s Task

Write a brief paragraph in your journal of who you are. Don’t include titles such as I am wife, mother, these are all great and the truth but right now I want to get to the core and true essence of who you are, I want you to think outside the box and reconnect with who you are.

Just write as if you are introducing yourself to someone and they simply said tell me about you?

Once you write your statement I want you to say it out loud while standing in front of the mirror and say it three times so that you download this into your subconscious.

Say it like you mean it with feeling and conviction.

LaKeisha Hankins
Life Reposition Coach