Start A Home Based Business With Soul Purpose!!

Start A Home Based Business With Soul Purpose!!

Hi&Welcome; to My World.

My Name Is LaKeisha and I am business owner with Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company and Marketing Coach.

Are you considering a career change and have questions about whether a home based business is for you. Are you looking for the perfect business and mentor to coach you to your greatness. Is that what you have been waiting for?

Here are some home business questions you may want answered:

Are you looking for a home business that is fun and lucrative? You may really like what you see with our Soul Purpose business if the answer is yes!

Do you wonder if a Soul Purpose business is the right home business for you? So did I!! You see, I had worked with other direct selling companies before Soul Purpose and joining Soul Purpose Lifestyle Comany was the best business decision I have made. I'll share some of the reasons why later.

Have you been disappointed in other home business choices? Signed up and your Sponsor went into hiding? You won't find that here. Instead you'll find a coach and mentor committed to to coaching you on starting and building a solid Soul Purpose business from home.
Men, don't worry because this business is for you too!

Are you interested in working with the fastest growing team in the company and a use follow a success system that works? Our team came out the gate dominating the top in sales by group volume and top in sponsoring. That comes as a result of solid training, integrity and a commitment to the team and to each other. We pride ourselves with our motto "no team member left behind". And, more importantly, we share the details on how we do this. No more guessing games.

Our Elite Success Team will help turn your life around.

Have you been involved in Health/Wellness companies? Heard repeatedly about the Next Trillion Dollar Industry? You'll be happy to know that you will be helping us grow a company, a "green" company with products that are good for, good on and good to you as well as your customers. Our company though, is a different kind of company. The minimum sales volume monthly requirement is only $50 and we don't require a monthly auto-ship until you reach Double Diamond Executive Leader. Although you may want to choose to be on $100 auto-ship so that you qualify for quick start bonuses!

One last question - how many people do you know who want to use products that are natural and organically based? Give them as gifts? Would love to have soy candles burning in their homes during the holidays? Not just any candles but candles with fragrances from around the world? Well, 85% of homes in the U.S. burn scented candles, and an even higher percentage of households are actually using and consuming natural organically based products. So you can see already your market is huge!

You might be getting excited at this point, as some of these questions may ring a bell with you and this might be starting to sound like the right business. It's a home based business with a different kind of company where you will get top notch training and support. And, products that sells themselves once you let people experience them!

Alternative products that are safe for everyday use. Beautfiful smelling Soy Wax Candles are a hot items these days. Natural skin-care products are a must for most people. And, it is possible to earn a consistent 6-figure income from this business. I am talking about a residual based income and not one that is derived mostly from monthly bonuses.

If you've been involved in an MLM / Network Marketing business before, you probably know what I am talking about.

It is my goal to provide you with details on our business opportunity with our products. To make it even better, we also offer state of the art nutritional products as well as award winning mineral makeup!

You'll also learn specifics on our company, our team, and my personal commitment to you should you decide to join me and our team on this wonderful Soul Purpose Home Business journey.

We have a team that is dedicated to your success and we thrive on helping others achieve what they want in a home business. I am here to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

About the Products - SOUL PURPOSE has four components: Body...innovative bath and body products with beautiful , elegant and distinctive fragrances; Beauty...organically inspired skin care products for both women and men. Organic earth minerals for a natural approach to beauty cosmetics; Style...soft silk throws handcrafted in India, and organic teas from Viet Nam, organic wild-crafted honey from West Africa; Spirit...journals, candles, inspirational music, books and tapes-a holistic line that addresses all aspects of beauty from the inside out.

Our beautiful company manufactures products that are free from harsh chemicals and again contain NO sulfate or parabens. We offer fragrances from around the world which are featured in our soy candles, body butters, rich body custards, body lotions, body balms, solid perfume essences, skin salves, shower gels, hand and footcare products. We also offer products for Men that are clearly a step above the rest!

Not only that but because we are a different kind of company, we also offer gorgeous journals, silk throws from India, music and motivational products. Our offerings even go further than that as you read above and our partnership with Youngevity International also allows us to offer state of the art nutritional health and wellness products. So yes, our company is also part of that billion dollar industry!

All of our products are top of the line and and interesting. Taking our "Journey of the Scenses" with fragrances that last and last make a great impression on others. Our soy candles will bring a sweet smell to any room. Our products are just simply amazing!

About the Business - this is a business built on integrity, commitment, coaching and training. I know all about the empty promises offered by some in the network marketing industry. I pride myself on developing a team vision and the tools to allow each person to achieve the success he/she desires.

Ever notice how some business "leaders" don't like to share their "secrets?" We are willing to train you on each of our successful method, the Elite Success System as well as online Attraction Marketing. That is how we hold many of the top sponsoring spots in the company each and every month.

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