Asalamalakum, Sistah Nadine

Asalamalakum, Sistah Nadine

Up from the Ashes...Meet Nadine Thompson, owner and founder of Soul Purpose. Hers is an ashes-to-phoenix story if I ever heard of one...
by S. Renee Greene, Contributing Editor

Ever since I saw the huge statue in the middle of Mitchell Street in downtown Atlanta, I’ve always wondered about the story of the Phoenix “up from the ashes.” So I looked it up.
The story is that only one Phoenix lives every 500 years. At the end of their reign, they self-incinerate and then disintegrate into a pile of ashes on a pyre. A new one arises, but only one can live at a time, so there are never two of the same during any 500-year period.
The Phoenix story made me think of Sistah Nadine Thompson, owner and founder of Soul Purpose. Hers is an ashes-to-phoenix sunrise/sunset/sunrise story if I ever heard of one. Though she doesn’t care to talk about it any more, I insist because I've known the same experience that she went through, and I never recovered from it. She can serve as such an inspiration to those who are tempted to throw in the towel with her one feat of old school black woman Madame CJ Walker ‘derring-do.’

We live in a new millennium that still has not seen many African American entrepreneurs heading up network marketing companies and succeeding and after Nadine’s devastating blow with a former partner, some believed she would never recover again. But Nadine, ever the go-getter, took what she had and re-invented herself and her new company, with a promise in her heart never to be taken advantage of again.

What I find most deliciously delightful is that the co-founder of the now-defunct cosmetic company “Warm Spirit” has gone out of business and Nadine’s new company, Soul Purpose, is starting to take flight. I suppose there’s only one Phoenix at a time and it was her turn at the pyre.

Nadine took what she lost, redesigned it, and turned it into her moment of redemption, with a zealous fan club of former Warm Spiritites acting as the wind beneath her wings. It’s hard not to admire a spirited woman that wouldn’t let so much as the treachery of a former friend stop her from getting on, and get on she did.

Soul Purpose started in December 2007 with only a hand full of new products to get charging, though it launched with 3,000 faithfuls who stuck by a sistah when things looked bleak. Their product lines are growing by the day and now include exotic spa items developed to help sistahs go on a “Journey of the Senses” around the world without paying buku-bucks. Indulge and set your self free to hit the world scene like Michelle Obama without leaving home.
Nadine’s new collection includes a selection of hand care products, shea butter balm, body custards and lotions, mousse, relaxing teas, body scrubs, candles, and solid perfume essences including Portofino Blue, Brazilian Jackfruit, Thai Water Lily, Tuscany Blood Orange, Malaysian Mango Nectar, Normandy Crème, Hawaiian Tuberose, Australian Sandalwood, Lavender Mint, and Cote d’Ivore Amber, just to name a few.

And when you’re ready to get your entrepreneurial spirit on, the doors are open to share the wealth and prosperity with yourself and other women of color like you through Soul Purpose’s partnership program.

Soul Purpose: Body Beauty Style Spirit. Visit the site at: Soul Purpose . Be there, or be there.

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