Walk With Me

Today I begin my journey to prosperity. For several years I have been talking about being able to be a stay at home mother. Not just a stay at home mother, I have to be able to provide financially for my children as well as pay for their college tuition and for once put some money in savings and not have to touch it next month. My daughter will be five in December so I guess that means she will be starting school next year and I need to step up my game.

I have started several projects or business ventures and not followed through. Mainly because I failed to plan and jumped right in because when presented with the business it sounded good. I did AVON which was not too bad but I knew it was not going to replace my income in the time period I needed. Princess House was my next venture the income potential sounded great but again I found myself selling something people actually don't need. It's a want. I loved the products but failed miserably at marketing the business.

Here I am back again with direct sales. I know this industry is proven and many are making millions or at least an average of $50,000 a year but I needed to find the right company. Soul Purpose Is It! and the Time Is Now! I researched the company for several weeks and I love what the company stands for empowering women and I believe in the mission and the vision and Nadine Thompson has out did herself with this product line. I know this is it and now is the time for me to work my butt off because I have finally found a company I can be proud of, I owe it to my kids to myself. This is not just a business opportunity it is a movement. Teaching women how to empower themselves, this is something I definitely want to be a part of. I have found my purpose and Soul Purpose will be my vehicle to achieve my dreams.

I am a proud owner of my own Soul Purpose Lifestyle business. I am an entrepreneur and I can say that with honor. I am also proud that I am able to service my clients with a unique product line. Products include, soy candles, body butters, solid perfumes, hand and feet care, theraputic salves, shower gels, lotions, shea butter balms and more.

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Come to my website http://www.lakeisha.soulpurpose.net/

I challenge you to find your soul purpose.
As Always Be Blessed